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Greek MythologyAthena (Ἀθηνᾶ)
Athena, also spelled Athene, was the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill. She was the favorite child of Zeus. She had sprung fully grown out of her father’s head. Her mother was Metis, goddess of wisdom and Zeus’ first wife. In fear that Metis would bear a son mightier than himself. Zeus swallowed her and she began to make a robe and helmet for her daughter. The hammering of the helmet caused Zeus great pain in the form of headaches and he cried out in agony. Skilled Hephaestus ran to his father and split his skull open and from it emerged Athena, fully grown and wearing her mother’s robe and helmet. x

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I’ve lived for over two thousand years and not all of them were good.

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Taupe Syuka

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Vikings | Rites of Passage

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All that is gold does not glitter
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost

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House Targaryen is a noble family of Valyrian descent that escaped the Doom. They lived for centuries on the island of Dragonstone until Aegon Targaryen and his sisters rode their dragons to the conquest of the Seven Kingdoms. House Targaryen ruled as the Kings of Westeros for nearly 300 years, until their ouster in the Robert’s Rebellion. Their seats were the Red Keep in the capital city of King’s Landing, the island castle of Dragonstone, and the summer residence of Summerhall.

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Have a nice ride back home!

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you ever love someone so much you thought your little heart was gonna break in two? i didn’t think so. you ever tried with all your heart and soul to get you lover back to you? i wanna hope so. baby did a bad bad thing, baby did a bad bad thing.

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